If You Are A Swing Trader... This Is For You!

New Software Delivers Trading Signals On Every Stock In Your Watch-List Automatically...
With Just A Few Clicks!

You Will Get Exact Trading Signals Every Time One Of Your Stocks Is Set Up For A High-Probability Trade.


The Tool You Have Been Waiting For To Help You Master Swing Trading In 2015!

What if you could analyze your stock watchlist and get precision long and short trading signals with just a couple clicks?

You Would Save A Lot Of Time... Every Day!

The Stock Pivot Trade Analyzer performs complex technical analysis on every stock in your watchlist and alerts you when each one is set up just right for a high-probability trade.

Watch this short video to see how this software can save you a ton of time by automatically analyzing your stocks and providing clear, specific and accurate trading signals.

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The Stock Pivot Trade Analyzer uses a variety of backtested algorithms behind the scenes to help you identify the right time to go long or short.

You choose the stocks and the software helps you get the timing right.

It will identify the trend and let you know when, or when not to take a trade.

  • Provides Both Long and Short Signals for Trading All Market Conditions
  • Provides Clear, Exact & Specific Entries and Stop-loss Values
  • Save Time by Analyzing up to 500 stocks with just a few clicks!
  • Display Either Long Signals, Short Signals or BOTH
  • Multiple Pattern Analysis Delivers Precision Signals Based On Pivots and Other Patterns
  • You Can Choose From Multiple Targets on Every Trade! Quck Gains, Great Swing Trade and Parabolic!
  • All Stock Market Data Is Included for FREE! - Nothing Else To Buy!

The Stock Pivot Trade Analyzer Will Deliver High-Powered Trade Set-ups for Both Trend Trades & Counter Trend Trades.

If you are an active swing trader then you want to get a copy of this software right now.

You'll wonder how you ever got along without it. No more chasing through hundreds of charts... let the software do it for you!.

Simply type or paste in the stocks that interest you and the program will automatically analyze the chart patterns and alert you when the time is right to go long or short.

  • Locates key pivots in relation to trend
  • Analyzes 30 different price patterns on every stock
  • Computes a Price to Watch Entry level
  • Identifies both trend and counter-trend trades
  • Gives specific stop placement level
  • Works on Stocks and ETF's

You will know EXACTLY when to go long or short based on the swing cycle and Pivot highs and Pivot Lows.

  • Windows software - works on any PC - stand-alone program
  • FREE DATA - automatically pulls price data from the Internet
  • Signals are based on End of Day data
    (you can't identify a pivot candle until after the close)
  • Fast and accurate trade signals delivered daily!
  • Run it every day after the market closes for up-to-date signals
  • Weekly Strategy & Training Sessions
  • DO NOT LET THE LOW PRICE FOOL YOU (it's temporary)

Here is the Main Screen

The New Stock Pivot Trade Analyzer is a state-of-the-art piece of swing trader software that is designed to help prevent you from making the two most common mistakes in trading, buying at the wrong time and placing your stop in the wrong place.

These are the signals the software provides:

Shallow Pullback - Deep Pullback -  Super Deep Pullback -  Convergence Breakout -  Springboard Breakout - Macro Line Signal - Long AND Short Signals

Many traders fail to get many of the best trades because they can only pay attention to "X" number of stocks, so this next feature is a real biggie for me....

The Pivot Trade Analyzer is designed for you to have a watchlist of up to 500 stocks and it will do all the analysis for you and only deliver the best trading set-ups night after night.

The software will be watching these stocks like a hawk and let you know right when they are set up for the taking, so now you can watch more stocks and get better trades.

Another cool feature I wanted to mention - on the main screen - is that it shows you the "average range" of each stock in dollars and percent.

This software is designed to eliminate simple mistakes that negatively affect your trading performance. For example, entering a trade at the wrong part of the price cycle or using a 5% stop on a stock with a 7% average range.

We know that a stock should be traded based on it's own "trading range" and volatility, and the Stock Pivot Trade Analyzer will do all the calculations for you automatically.

There are honestly too many other features to list here. That's why we provide weekly training sessions via live video.

So the software manages your watchlists and gives precision trade signals but it gets even better - Once you are in a position it will manage the trade for you going forward.

The Trade Management Module Calculates Precision Stops and Targets Automatically On Your Open Positions.

This image gives an overview of how this screen works.

  • Tracks all your open positions
  • Works with multiple entries and exits
  • Provides initial stop-loss based on the range of the stock
  • Gives you three targets (we suggest taking partial profits at T1)
  • Automatically calculates trailing stop
  • Detailed Performance Tracking of closed positions

Not only does the software provide specific trade signals, but once you are in a stock it will tell you exactly how to manage the open position going forward.

Simply enter the details of your trade and the SPTA will calculate the initial stop based on the range and behavior of that specific stock. It then shows you exact targets based on your preferred time frame.

Everything is Included - No Upsells
A Couple Good Trades Pays for the Software

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